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Rubber Band Bracelets Malaysia

Rubber band bracelets is hot recently in the market. It is a new trend that is making a creative and fashion revolution between kids of all ages. This creative product is so hot that even adults are trying this new hobby out.


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If you still have no idea what is it, it is actually a product that is being sold in rainbow colours rubber band bracelet kits. It includes rubber bands of all main colors, a plastic loom, a hook used to help weave these rubber bands, and also a c-clips. In order to make this work, you need to get the plastic loom in the up right positions and placing the rubber bands on the plastic pins in the patter you like. You need a patter for the weaving to work, however you don't need to worry if you don't know any. There are a lot of tutorials you can find online where you can find information on the patters and some videos showing you how to play with the product. The hook tool is used when you want to hook the correct rubber bands to each other and finally use the c-clip to connect both ends of the bracelet. With this simple steps, you are done with the bracelet.


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Although it sounds very simple, however the first time you doing this might look very intimidating. You need to follow the right instructions included with a basic "single patters" design. You can move on to more advance designs after you mastered the basic patter. For beginners, it might be quite time consuming, be patient. Once you get throught the first two bracelets, it will be like muscle memory, you can remember exactly what to do and in what order.


Kids nowadays are posting their designs through out social networks. Some of the teens even making a business out of this hobby by selling their bracelets online. This is a very good hobby to spend time on, and it is not expensive compare to other hobbies. It also will help kids exercise their brain and creativity, and keep them entertained for hours.


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Here in Heong Giap Paper & Stationery Sdn. Bhd., we offer various type of rubber band bracelets products. From big huge set, to small beginner set, from the rubber band refill to the other accessories. You can find all you need in our website. Order now with affordable prices!


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